Why Hiring an Attorney is the Right Choice

Going through a divorce is difficult. Especially in cases where there are minor children or complicated financial holdings, questions will arise that you may not be prepared to answer without the assistance of a knowledgeable and reputable advocate. Some of the questions that may arise are, will one party remain in the family home or will it be sold? Who will be the primary caretaker of the children? How will custody decisions be affected if one party moves to a different town or state?

Having to negotiate these emotionally-charged decisions without the assistance of an attorney may be difficult, especially at a time when you may be overwhelmed by doubt, confusion, resentment, anger, or fear and when communication with your spouse is painful, demanding, or challenging, at best.

Dealing with the legal system on your own can be intimidating, overwhelming, and the end result may prove to be less than desirable.

How I Can Help

I understand how difficult this time is for you and your family. I promise to assist you through the process with compassion and dignity.

Areas of Expertise

Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements


-Settlement vs. Trial
-Alimony/Spousal Support
-Child Support
-Property/Asset Division
-Long Term Marriage vs. Short Term Marriage


-When to file for a Modification
-What the Court views as a material change in circumstances
-Termination of support
-When to file under the New Alimony Reform Act
-What the Court views as a contempt
-Parental relocation
-Relocation of custodial parent with minor children
-Rights of the non-custodial parent.