Charmaine Blanchard is a Solo Practitioner focusing her practice on matters pertaining to family law and estate planning.

Close, Personal Representation

When I am retained, my clients are my priority. As a result, I work closely with each one to keep them informed through each step of the legal proceeding. Clients have always expressed to me how frustrating it is when attorneys donít return phone calls. I understand this, as I am often met with the same challenges in the profession. I am proud of my practice and my reputation, and I return calls promptly.

I try and answer questions in plain and simple language, as well as provide my clients with possible scenarios and options they have. I find that by illustrating all of the facts and options it allows the client to maintain a sense of control in a legal matter that the client may otherwise feel powerless in. Communication is key and a well informed client is a client that is not only happier with my representation and less stressed, they are also more able to reach decisions that will ultimately produce settlement negotiations.

Free 30-Minute Consultation

I respect the fact that your time is valuable. Therefore, I provide a free 30 minute consultation to potential clients. The consultation is a great way to learn more about what options there are for your issue, as well as for both you and I to see if we are a good fit.