What will a divorce cost me?

I currently bill my family law clients at $300.00 per hour. Although I will make every effort to keep costs reasonable for you and work within the agreed upon retainer, I cannot give you a fixed price for a divorce (or any other family law matter). The reason is because I cannot predict what the opposition will file during the litigation process, or what pleadings I may need to file on your behalf in order to achieve your goals in this matter.

How long will it take for me to get divorced?

Although I can provide a timeline for these proceedings, each case is fact specific, so there cannot be an exact time and date. I will do my best to guide you through this process as quickly as possible without jeopardizing your goals for the outcome.

What kinds of information should I bring with me for my free 30-minute consultation?

Family Law and Divorce Cases:

Any and all pleadings that have already been filed with the probate and family court.
If you are seeking a divorce, a certified copy of your marriage certificate. This can be obtained at the town or city hall of the town or city you were married in. The cost for the certified certificate is approximately $15.00.
A copy of your most recent tax returns.
A copy of your most recent pay stub.

Estate Planning Cases:

Any previously executed estate plan documents.
An outline of what you wish to accomplish by drafting an estate plan. This outline should include whom you wish to name as guardian of your children, personal representative, etc.